Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oprah: Live Your Own Truth (The Gay Issue)

The die has been cast. Or was it cast a long time ago? Its rolling noise only echoes more loudly now with every renewed assault on our values.

It sounded so convincing and so contemporary, anyone hearing would have nodded smugly to the tune of it. But it was an invitation to greater suffering and pain. No, a free ticket direct to hell! As if Sodom and Gomorrah never happened. As if violating your own physical gifts and those of others (it takes two to “gay out”) were as natural as buying new clothes.

But talk of hell is not chic. It is of the old school -- the one that established strong, ancient societies and upon which the one we now have dangerously totters, ready to fall from the weakened, porous timbers of moral behavior.

Nobody cares about replacing those termite-infested supports with massive steel and reinforced concrete to preserve and to protect the tested ways of decent and upright living. People have grown tired of those old, unexciting ways. We have let loose the monsters of permissiveness and there is no turning back. Never!

The idols of popular media today dictate their opinions on the masses who somehow comply, willingly or unwillingly. Or, perhaps, these wealth-and-fame-powered proclaimers simply see what the masses are already doing and only make official pronouncements that affirm those behaviors. Their honeyed word gives deviant ways a stamp of legitimacy.

Here is how they do it:

Pick out several gay couples, exhibit them as being normal, happy and fulfilled persons and let the audience cheer them for their courageous decision. Show how emotionally sincere and patently innocent they are to prove to one and all that they are no different from the rest of us. Yes, like those news reports on newly-born, pitiable conjoined twins who had no choice at birth but to suffer a fate that could have only come from God. That’s right: show how these couples have become victims of society’s rules and that their choice (their “truth”) is as equally allowable and even admirable.

Gays have long been victims. Let them have their day of triumph. Let them have their freedom. And everyone is welcome to join.

Hence, people agree to do something that a once-despised or once-ostracized minority has succeeded in making acceptable and a normal function of society through a gradual process of assimilation. And the fact that such people suffer deep psychological imbalance and spiritual turmoil that have led to callousness is swept under the rug. Why? Because they realize that they can never reproduce as normal individuals can. (And if they had the choice, they would want to raise normal kids.) And so, whether they reconstruct their biological make-up to deceive themselves or retain their functions, they remain unsatisfied or unfulfilled because they go directly against nature’s order. If that is truth then it is so unscientific and illogical.

The Romans were perhaps some of the first people to make sexual promiscuity, among other immoral behavior, as being acceptable, if not by the whole society, at least by the aristocracy. The writer who first referred to the Americans as the New Romans may have not been that far from the truth. We wonder if the extreme reactions of terrorists (obviously defenders of moral conservatism) who wish to bring down the “wicked empire” simply express their frustration against disrespect for those moral laws embedded in ancient civilizations as well as in societies that still practice them.

In truth, God executes His judgments in many forms: by violent catastrophes or through violent invaders. This was so in the past; it is so today. As the sins go; the sinners will likewise follow. We may deceive ourselves as modern and sophisticated; but we all ultimately remain as potential food for worms.

We mock God with our disrespect for His laws. What particular law, in this case? That He “made them male and female”. No in-betweens. No mistakes in design. No crossing of roles or confusion of biological functions. This is the truth. There is no other.

When God sent fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah, it was to condemn homosexuality, specifically, and immorality, in general. Those people did not need the Law of Moses to know what was right. Their conscience was enough to guide them. No excuses allowed. Not even one for Lot’s wife who dared look back to her dreadful life in Sodom.

How abominable is homosexuality? Nobody who ever had some respect for God would make bones about the issue. Or perhaps, we can wait for the forthcoming movie “Pompeii” to give us a glimpse of how it was in those two sin cities. But why wait? Reading the Bible already allows us a view of such harsh judgment, if we had any fear at all.

But people no longer fear death or judgment. They want to live their lives as freely as they want. They want to live their “own truth”. This is the new gospel according to Oprah.

(Photo above: A dragonfly, unlike a person who knows to use a door to go out, remains trapped inside a glass room, a victim of ignorance.)