Friday, July 20, 2012

Why We Love

Why do we love? Do we seek love or does it seek us?

Look at the bird. Does it look for the wind in order to fly? No, the wind is always there. The bird does not drive or pull the wind. It simply rides it and enjoys the ride. Why? Because it has wings to fly with. And the wind, though unseen, lets the bird soar freely by giving way and lifting up its wings.

The wind and the bird are one in purpose -- one gives, the other receives; one lets live, the other lives.

Love is always there for everyone. Love drives us, pulls us, draws us on and lifts us up. Why? Because we have a heart to love with. A heart that does not love is like broken wings. It cannot start to fly because of fear. And fear is the worst enemy of love.

Love and the heart are also one in purpose -- one empowers; the other reigns; one grants glory, the other feels Eternity.

We love because the heart beats with the rhythm of life. And life is born of love. We do not need to seek love; it does not need to seek us. For love abounds where life abounds.

The bird that sits on the branch knows the wind is there. Until the wings move, the wind, though it remains still, will not lift the bird to the skies. The energy that allows flight comes from the thrust of the bird's wings. Love can only come when the heart beats in time with love's magical music.

Until the heart loves, the joy that love brings, though it awaits in stillness, will not raise a person to the clouds.

(Photo above: Caspian Tern, taken by Herb Knufken.)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to the Ba-Sex

Matthew 19:4 clearly reminds us that “In the beginning, God made them male and female.” Humans have destroyed the law and order of Heaven. Was God right in destroying Sodom and Gomorrah? Who else can destroy other than the One Who created? That is why there is judgment in the end: in order to set things right for Eternity.

Yes, we live in a temporal world by virtue of sin. If it were not for the Fall, this would have been a deathless, everlasting world. We behave the way we do because we fall short of God’s eternal nature given to us from the beginning. We choose to disbelieve and disobey His laws of Nature and of the Spirit because we have been given up to the wiles of the Deceiver, the Destroyer of Life and the Ruler of this Fallen and Cursed World whom we follow willfully. We do not see him but his fruits are there. In fact, we merely refuse to acknowledge him because we also refuse to acknowledge the original work and pl of God. We think we invented marriage, sex, life and, yes, even God Himself!

We woke up one day and saw the beauty of Nature on Discovery Channel and think that that is the entire reality of things. Our 2-D appreciation prevents us from seeing the 4-D reality of God’s handiwork.

Our birthright and destiny is Eternity. Our parents, Adam and Eve, had it already in the beginning. They lost it and, yet, we got it back through their Seed – Jesus Christ. His resurrection proves His teachings and warnings are true. For proof of His resurrection, the Bible records the eyewitness accounts of those who saw, touched and talked to Jesus after He arose. Yes, it takes faith both to believe a truth or a lie. Logic must come to our aid.

Has God stopped judging because humans finally found justification for a sin so abominable He just had to show us His vengeful wrath with cataclysmic consequences? And twice at that – no, thrice, don’t forget Pompeii! He has hundreds more of volcanoes and the whole Earth’s core for the final reckoning. (If I can scare people away from sin, it will be all worth it.)

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the mighty God. I would not want that to happen to friends or to any person. But people choose to be hard-hearted or hard-headed. Therefore, God has no other choice than to be iron-fisted. A fair warning is all that needs to be said before the whole Universe ultimately melts in fervent heat. And what will happen to our bodies? Our spirits? Learn from God and be prepared; that is the least you can do for your Creator, if not for your own sake.

Remember, God has the supreme power to enforce His laws even to the point of destroying our bodies and our spirits which He created for His glorious purposes. Yet, human governments have gradually diluted that power to administer divine justice through moral and righteous rule. In the end, the blood and the souls of many erring people will be in the hands of those who implement laws that work against Divine Will. Judgment will fall upon those who change the Eternal Plan of Heaven – whether in marriage or in sexuality issues. Christ is not called King of kings for nothing, mind you.

At first, and even till now, God enforced His laws through the human conscience. (Romans 2:12-16) Hence, even without a written law, humans have the capacity to behave morally. Thus, on that basis, the condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah becomes more fundamentally significant. Having failed to enforce His rule through the action of the conscience, God used Nature to exact punishment and instill discipline -- a valuable lesson for us all today. Eventually, He gave the Mosaic Law as a means of teaching humans how to respect His revealed ordinances. That failed as well. Finally, He gave the Holy Spirit in human hearts through Christ as the final gift for humans to learn to become His eternal children. THIS TIME, IT WILL NOT FAIL FOR THOSE WHO BY FAITH ENDURE. And, consequently, His justice will reign.

Obviously, humans are a work in progress. Yet, God has reserved His work and every human work for a final testing by fire to determine what will last and what will not. Why wait to find out what will happen? The fire in our bellies already tells us that the Almighty God will prevail and not us proud, puny creatures.

Mind the spirit; the body is a deceitful slave.

(Oil painting above: "Adam and Eve" by German Renaissance painter Hans Baldung,1484-1545.)