Sunday, January 08, 2012

Faith and Logic Do not Mix?

(This is a short excerpt from a chapter in my forthcoming book entitled Preparing a Body for Eternity.)

The respected cosmologist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, recently stated that God does not exist. He shares the view of others who say that faith and logic do not belong together. We take this to mean that resurrection, the foundation of Christian belief, is not a viable process in life.

Let us define logic. Ironically, the word “logic” comes from the Greek word "logos" which means “word”. In fact, Christ is often called the Logos. Logic, then, would mean reason or truth, the very essence of human understanding or wisdom. The Greeks sought this wisdom and built statues to this indefinable idea as if it were an "unknown god". Yet, many of them did find it in the person of Christ: the Wisdom Incarnate, the Logos in the Flesh. Strike one, Mr. Atheist! Faith and logic belong as similar concepts, if not one and the same literal idea.

If, however, logic is limited to scientific investigation and reasoning using material objects or processes to reach an observable truth, then faith would certainly find itself in a corner. But let us consider the water-to-wine "experiment" of Jesus. Has anyone ever done that using science? Obviously, no one has. Why? Because it is impossible for humans and human logic. But since Christ is God, nothing is impossible for Him. In divine perspective, faith and logic belong together. Strike two!

Finally, what establishes logic to be acceptable? Is it not human senses and verified evidences of eyewitnesses? Or do scientists claim to have the only functioning eyes and minds? The followers of Jesus were just as meticulous observers as scientists are. They used pen and ink like many of us do today (cursor and pixels, for many now). They were equally smart and honest researchers as many of us today. And they were recipients of good news which they had long awaited, unlike most of us today, unfortunately. That is, they had prepared minds as well, as most scientists claim to have.

Scientists must project from what is available to them in the present into the future. Logic requires it. They may or may not succeed. Prophets, on the other hand, projected into the future the mind of God and those tasked with unraveling those prophesies declared or explained them. The logic of God, Who by the way invented logic for humans to use, requires it. But all prophecies come true without exception. The record, better and clearer than any research journal, shows it. Theories are mere hypothetical concepts which totter unsteadily upon incomplete human logic.

You just struck out, Mr. Atheist! If you limit yourself to human logic, you will certainly miss seeing eternity.

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