Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Flushes Metro Manila (09sep26)

Suddenly, we realize once again that Nature is still in control over our lives and not us who controls it. A wake-up call? Yet in the midst of this new calamity, we see so much compassion and heroism and, therefore, enough reason for hope and renewal.

Manariwa tayo!

Photo above: Street in a Quezon City subdivision becomes a river for kids to splash in.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Baguio Haikus (A Hundred Years After)

A complex city

Reduced to a dilemma,

Crowded hideaway.

A monstrosity

Transformed into grotesqueness,

A concrete pine tree.

Where are the cone trees

Glistening on the hillsides?

Cut! Behind billboards!

A mall-shaped giant

Sucks the city of its life:

Light, water, space, sense.

A friend of mine said:

Here's proof to all of where not

To build a city.

The frost disappeared,

The iced-covered roadsides passed

A long time ago.

Where is the native

With swarthy skin and g-string?

Where is innocence?

Whose vision was it

To raise a town in the clouds?

There, ask the horses!

Before a town rose

There lay a village serene,

Then the bombs rained down.

Over this city

They've fought to get to the gold;

Now there's only fools'.

City-dwellers come

Not to hike pine-scented trails

But to dance and drink.

The height of folly

Was not the Babel Tower;

It's now, it's this, here!

Faith's grand melting pot

Rests on this pillared plateau,

Each heart a stranger.

If they all declare

To agree to disagree,

Who will lead the blind?

Strawberry, lemon,

Broccoli, beans and carrots:

Live, grow, give, nourish.

Here is nature's nest;

The good, the vile may leave it

Better or viler.

Thanks for all the years

We walked the dark lonely paths

To find life's treasures.